Forex Trading Mentorship Program

Learn Forex training like a pro. Our training program is NOT another classroom training. It is a one on one mentorship program tailored to each person based on their level of prior knowledge on online trading.

Though there are a lot to learn, we never overwhelm our clients with unnecessay things. We will train you just on the essentials of the trading which will help you to start your real trading in a couple of days. Enough waiting. Talk to our expert now and let us know what do you need to learn.

This is all you will need….

The true insight and whole picture.

Forex trading is being advertised as an easy thing to do, and in a way, it is: all you have to do is choose between two directions, up or down, and then take a position in the market. In reality, there are many factors that influence trading and being a successful trader is a result of a clear understanding of how markets function, what makes them move, market psychology, technical and fundamental analysis, plus many other things.

The purpose of our mentorship program  is to provide the wannabe trader with all the necessary tools to succeed in the forex markets, and to offer experienced traders new trading tools for the everyday experience in these markets own boss and making your own schedule.

Are these things real? Can they be achieved? YES. Talk to us now !!!

Introduction to Forex

Covers the basics of Forex and currency pairs and various Exchanges.

Algo Trading

Understanding Algo trading and Robo trading on MT4 and AmiBroking platforms.

Forex Theories

Covers the popular market analysis theories like Elliot Wave theories, Gann analysis and Andrew’s Pitchfork 

Market News and Press Releases

Importance of News related to markets and press releases and macro economics in Forex trading

Candle stick Techniques

Japanese Candle stick analysis in detail and also covers the candlestick patern analysis

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Covers the fundamental and technical trade analysis techniques and their impacts on market movement

Indicators and Oscillators

How to use our expert Indicators based on individuals trading behaviour and market trends

Risk and Money Management

Importance of Risk-Reward ratio, Hedging techniques and how to determine the lot sizes for averaging profits and losses.

A step towards your financial freedom.

Trading financial markets has never been easier as online trading attracts more and more people to the most fascinated market: the forex market. Everyone dreams of financial independence and the freedom to trade from home, not to mention being your own boss and making your own schedule. Enroll to our mentorship program today and take a step forward towards your financial program.

Our mentorship program is tailored to cover the most important aspercts of trade secrets which are used by the top 1% of successful traders. 

Learn by Doing

Real time training

We believe in learning by doing, there is no better way of learning rather than getting your hands on the keyboard and start practising trading yourself. Our training and mentorship program is taliored in such a way that we will spend one to one time with you to enable you to execute your first trade. Our program is NOT another classroom training.

“Most of my students was trading by the end of the second day!”

The training was nothing like the other training programs i had wasted my money on. It was like a personal mentor guiding me through the entire process holding my hands throughout the process.. I am grateful to  Welinkerr who was my personal trainer. 

John Smith, College Student.

On-Premise Mentorship

We unerstand you are occupied, thats why we offer Personal mentorship training at your premises, based on your convenience, if you reside in the UK region. A lot of home makers within UK had been benefited by our On-Premise mentorship program . Please talk to our agent to check if your eligibility.

Remote Mentorship

Irrespective of your location, book a regular time slot with our agents and get enrolled for our remote mentorship program where we deliver the training using remote desktop sharing sessions. There is a huge demand for our programs as it is one to one. So please hurry and secure your slot today.

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